Are you curious about what’s happening inside of you? Explore the inner workings of your body and enhance self-awareness using modern technologies. Proactively address potential health issues and bolster your innate strength. Stay ahead in maintaining well-being by leveraging available tools to understand and fortify your body’s resilience.

Dr. Jeremy Koenig, also known as “The DNA Guy,” hails from Toronto and initially dreamed of a baseball career. However, a family encounter with MS changed his path. Overcoming personal challenges, including a boxing comeback, he excelled in genomics and pioneered precision medicine, notably with projects like Athletigen. Dr. Koenig not only stands out in genomic research but also serves as an inspiring voice for human potential, resilience, and the future of personalized medicine.

Dr. Jeremy always felt a calling in human performance sport, so he combined his passion for athletics and genetics, founding his company, Athletigen. He aimed to comprehend injuries and their prevention. By understanding your DNA structure, you can make necessary adjustments, enhancing your life and performance. This includes optimizing food and vitamin intake and consulting the right experts. Additionally, you can identify life-saving information such as potential allergies to certain drugs.

Our life’s goal should be understanding our potential and becoming the best version of ourselves. Living a longer, healthier life is fulfilling. Prevention is superior to cure, so let’s actively prevent diseases. DNA data provides accurate insights. Collect your health records and embrace a healthy life.

The following important points were discussed:

  • Not everybody needs the same level of stress to get the desired training response.
  • Train smarter, not harder.
  • Learn about yourself and make subtle adjustments along the way that lead to the best expression of yourself.
  • Origin Critical Quadrants:
    • Q1 – Urgent, Critical
    • Q2 – Non-urgent, Critical
    • Q3 – Urgent, Not Critical
    • Q4 – Not Urgent, Not Critical
  • The leading cause of imminent death is denial.
  • Better information leads to better decisions.


1:48 – 6:21

Story of how he became who he is today.

10:50 – 15:14

Dr. Jeremy’s story in his company Athletigen.

17:08 – 21:21

Dr. Jeremy explained the meaning of genome sequencing.

23:01 – 24:13

Dr. Jeremy explains how to get DNA.

45:40 – 53:27

Dr. Jeremy’s component in coaching.

Connect with Dr. Jeremy:

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