Life is a journey filled with obstacles, and overcoming hardships often reveals one’s true power and potential. Kelli Watson is a remarkable individual who turned her personal struggles into a source of inspiration for others. Her story serves as a testament to the strength of self-discovery, resilience, and the desire to uplift others.

Kelli began her journey as a personal trainer in 2007 and developed a passion for personal development in 2009 after enrolling in Todd Durkin’s sports performance course. With Todd’s guidance, she launched Studio 8, a fitness studio, within just four months. By 2012, she had attained the status of mastermind coach. Kelli’s expertise extended beyond coaching; she was also a published author and a publisher, helping others bring their stories to life. Through exercises that integrated life coaching into fitness routines, Studio 8 facilitated holistic breakthroughs for its clients, emphasizing community engagement.

To excel as a life coach, one must possess empathy, compassion, and the ability to listen without judgment. Rather than offering advice, coaches ask questions to guide clients towards clarity, recognizing that the answers lie within them. With over a dozen self-published books to her name, Kelli co-founded Scripture Publishing in 2017 to support aspiring authors. Since its inception, the company has assisted in publishing over 260 books across various genres. Kelli’s dedication to her craft led her to close Studio 8 and focus entirely on fulfilling authors’ dreams.

The following important points were discussed:

  • Something changed in her perspective in training,had been contemplating starting her own fitness studio.
  • Went on a divorce in 2008, and her way to get through her hard time was to study more on personal development.
  • Her business, studio 8 is not just about counting reps and it also covers and cares about the holistic nature of a person, and the fulness of it; the mind, body and spirit.
  • “Life coaching is the missing link to help people become as successful as they can be.”


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In 2007, she was a part time personal trainer and full time in the city’s school district. Had a program “peaceful schools” doing character education and mediation.


Shared about partnering with Todd to produce impact life coaching.


Shared about their assessment every month, 10 forms of wealth, looking at 10 different aspects; spiritual, professional, relationships, financial health, adventure, and more.


Shared some tools that a person needs in taking an impact life coaching course.


Shared about a person’s qualities of a life coach.


Shared about the scripture publishing group, came through connections and collaborations.

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