This week’s podcast features an interview with Frank McKinney, a philanthro-capitalist, best-selling author, actor, and keynote speaker. He has written a total of eight books, with his latest book titled “Adversitology: Overcoming Adversity When You’re Hanging on by a Thread,” which is an inspiration from his personal experience with chronic myeloid leukemia.

Like all of us, Frank has faced his fair share of adversity, and his experience with chronic myeloid leukemia during the pandemic was particularly challenging. In his book, he takes the word “adversity,” with each letter representing a chapter, and explains how to overcome adversity.

He discusses each chapter in detail, starting with:

  • A – accept; when in adversity, how difficult and painful it might be, the first step is to accept it. 
  • D – disidentified; you surely accepted the fact that adversity is present but don’t identify or associate yourself with it, which means don’t keep on giving power to that adversity so that you can move to the next step. 
  • V – violate faith; in the midst of adversity there are people around you friends, family, or even professionals i.e. doctor/lawyer, that will project their faith on you, project the outcome in you. They will tell you what is to happen. But you have the control of it, don’t let them take control! Don’t give up.
  • E – every single day; application in every single day, the success is in every single day. Success is in the routine.
  • R – risk it; do things that will make you feel most alive! 
  • S – stay for everything, cling to nothing; clinging to something in life is the greatest source of depression and anxiety. This is the hardest mind shift since he was sick.
  • I – I am not alone; it was his faith in God that made him feel not alone during his hardest adversity in life. He disconnected from everything else and just focused on his relationship with God.
  •  T – time to terminate the adversity; why wait for you to suffer any longer when you can decide when to stop it. You have to determine the time to terminate it.  
  • Y – why not you?; You still don’t think you’re ready. Stick to why not you, why not now.

All proceeds from Frank’s eight books go towards the Caring House Project Foundation, an organization that builds self-sustaining villages in Haiti. They have already built 30 villages in the last 20 years and have cared for over 13,600 children. One book provides 100 meals to an orphanage or village. Frank’s mission is to help others and live life to the fullest by taking risks and regretting what one did rather than what one did not do.

Overall, Frank’s story and insights offer valuable lessons for overcoming adversity and finding purpose in life.

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Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast, featuring an interview with Frank McKinney, where he shares his personal adversities and the inspiration behind his eighth book, “Adversitology: Overcoming Adversity When You’re Hanging on by a Thread.”

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Here are some key moments from the episode:

2:01 – 5:11

Frank shares his diagnosis and how he starved his body to fight off intruders.

8:30 – 12:19

Frank shares that a stranger messaged him, suggesting that something was wrong with his health and that he needed to alkalinize his body. Shortly after, he was diagnosed and the doctor recommended alkalizing his body to fight the intrusion.

12:29 – 14:41

Frank joins a race in the middle of the pandemic and with an unstable health condition in the death valley of California.

19:08 – 21:22

Frank advises savoring the moment but not clinging to it.

39:41 – 41:37

Frank reveals that his wife and daughter were co-authors of his book, and they also narrated their parts in the audiobook.  This was not just his struggle but everyone’s struggle

42:14 – 44:23

The profit from Frank’s book sales will fund self-sustaining villages in Haiti.


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