The Overcomers podcast interviews people about overcoming adversity. We believe that adversity can become your advantage. We ask people to tell us how their past has built muscles instead of scars.

The topics that we cover include abuse, addiction, incarceration, depression, anxiety, health problems, loss of income, loss of employment. Each person will share how they navigated these situations in life to become the Overcomer that they are today.


Our names are Travis and Cyndy Barnes.  We’re married and we have overcome a ton of adversity together.

We started Journey Fitness in April of 2013 while living in a FEMA trailer on an unemployment check.  We were living in the FEMA trailer because our home had been flooded to the second floor.  We had recently purchased this home after Travis came home from spending almost a decade in prison.

Throughout the years we have had to overcome addiction, our own weight loss issues, health problems, most recently a pandemic and having our business shutdown.

We are just a couple of Overcomers interviewing Overcomers about Overcoming the adversities of life.


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